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Summer Oceans Pop Quiz

Since everyone is either having fun by the ocean side this summer, or dreaming about being by the Ocean side, here is a Fun Summer Teaching Oceans Pop Quiz, to keep the Brain Fresh for the upcoming classes in the Fall:

1. Sea Turtles live in all the world’s oceans except the ____________.

2. Adult Turtles swim in shallow lagoons, feeding mostly on various species of ______________.

3. Clownfish are native to the warm waters of the ___________ and __________ Oceans.
4. _________ have two stomachs and therefore can hunt for larger animals than their mouth could otherwise handle. Continue reading Summer Oceans Pop Quiz

Saving Valentina: a Tribute to Jon Lien

Jon Lien, passed away in 2010 at 71 years old.  Between 1978 and 1990, he freed nearly 500 trapped whales.  He was a grand master for cetacean (marine mammal) research and conservation for the entire East Coast of Canada.  During times, when, as he said “near no one gave a damn about whales), he initiated single-handedly, a marine mammal saving program, with a small boat and a lot of courage to detangle mammals from fishing gear.  Eventually his volunteer crew grew, and as did his research on Marine Mammals at Memorial University of Newfoundland.  This site is a Memorial Site that was set up for friends of Jon Lien:

And this site is a video of a small group of boat travelers who came upon an entangled humpback.  Jon would have been happy to see average people display such care and courage for this majestic mammal: