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Election BC May 2013

Hi Folks.  Here are 3 very good informative links for preparing for your vote this month.  The first one Globe and Mail for comparing platform stands on various issues.  If you click on the first issue at the very top “”Aboriginal Relations” just above the “Liberals, NDP, Conservatives, etc.” section, a drop down list will show for 32 current issues being debated.  Then scroll and click on the issue most important to you and the differing platform stands will show for comparison.  The specific platforms are below that list.

The second and third website links below show the estimated poll percentages for how things are looking currently, and how they have been through the year.  As well, the names of all the candidates and their ridings.

Advanced Voting begins tomorrow.  Happy Voting!




Just Love The Nature of Nature, Plastic Eating Pacman

Don’t you just Love The Nature of Nature?!  Wish we had discovered this little fella about a 150 years ago!  Biochemistry professor Scott Strobel, adventured to the jungles of Ecuador. Where his team discovered The Fungi, Pestalotiopsis microspora.  This Fungi is the first Fungi ever recorded discovered that can survive on a steady diet of polyurethane alone and…….do it in an anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment that is close to the condition at the bottom of a landfill.

This is The Greatest waste issue News we have Learned about in a long time!  Go Mother Earth!

Part of Yale University’s Rainforest Expedition and Laboratory,

Here is the Fella who apparently invented polyurethane, well, one of the Fathers of Modern Plastic anyway – Alexander Parkes….and what a string of a mess since then.

Buying items that do not have plastic packaging is a great start if you are new at being friendly to Mother Earth and Her inhabitants.  And recycling all else is good too.  When at the grocery store, bring your own cloth / cotton grocery bag and say goodbye to the other.  Some stores now offer biodegradable shopping carriers, and kitchen refuse.  You can buy them at Sobey’s outlets, Pharmasave, Zellers, and Thrifty Foods, but the Best buy is at The Soap Exchange where you can buy all kinds of other goodies too!

We ask you to purchase biodegradable only, and clean up our Oceans, Rivers and Lands.



340 Baby Penguins Released!

Thank you to The New Zealand Team of Compassionate Volunteers!  350 Tonnes of oil were spilled when a cargo ship ran aground last month off the coast of New Zealand.  A team of volunteers helped these little darlings and cleaned them off, releasing them today back into the wild waves of the Great Mama Ocean.  Here is a great video of the babes:

Rainbow Blessing

Yesterday, my Mom and I saw a Pretty Beautiful Rainbow……Some people have been afraid of the world flooding because of various 2011 and 2012 prophecies. Just say to God, “You promised you would never flood the world again”. Thank you for keeping your promise. (God always keeps God’s promises.)
Genesis 9:11-15…“I establish my covenant with you: never again will all life will be cut off the earth by the waters of a flood. Never again will there be a flood to destroy the Earth. 12: And God said, “This is the sign of the covenant I am making between you and me, a covenant for all generations to come …Whenever I bring clouds over the Earth and the Rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between me and you and all Living creatures of Every kind….This is the sign of the covenant I have established between me and all life on Earth.”
Pretty Beautiful Rainbow, hey?

Love, She La Marieahhhh

Special Medicine Wheel Blessing

IMPORTANT NOTE:  These Medicine Wheels are not for profiting or use by others for the making of money.  If you choose to / feel inspired to make one yourself, please follow instructions, or at least, really truly go into your Heart to find the path for making one.  It is for the Healing of You and/or All, and this fair planet we live on.  Beautiful Spirit Teachers, both young and old, and different colors, made this one together.  We Thank The First Nations Children of the World, and specifically, The Lakota Children for Helping us in making our Healing Medicine Wheel

Shorter Version:

We recently did a Healing Medicine Wheel Ceremony made with Heart Stones collected from the Beach.  The Center Stone Round and Multi-colored, smudging with Cedar, Sweetgrass and Frankincense, Blessed with Prayer, Rose petals, Desert Sage tea, Cedar boughs, and an Olive Branch, Tobacco Offering for First Nations’s, Topped with a Pretty Begonia, positioned to Magnetic/True North, Opened to Blessing from Wisdom Christ Sophia, Mary Magdalene, Mary, Mother of Jesus / Jesheua, Joseph and David, Matthew Ch. 28 where the word “Ma” occurs the most number of times on one page in all Gospel…Gratitude for All Life, Nurturing, Nourishment and Healing from Holy First Mother/Father/Child/Creator of all Creation…This one specifically Honored The Lakota, though was made for All Nations, and The Holy All Christ Light, 13 from E-S-W-N, 13 to middle…..Love, She

Longer Version:

IMPORTANT NOTE:  These Medicine Wheels are not for profiting or use by others for the making of money.  If you choose to / feel inspired to make one yourself, please follow instructions, or at least, really truly go into your Heart to find the path for making one.  It is for the Healing of You and/or All, and this fair planet we live on.  Beautiful Spirit Teachers, both young and old, and different colors, made this one together.  We Thank The First Nations of the World, and specifically, The Lakota People for Helping us in making our Haeling Medicine Wheel

Please and Thank you, do not copy or download any of this ceremony or these photos without permission.

All main points have Heart Stones, including 4 Heart Stones (in the shape of a Heart) beside / outside Center Stone (which is round shape)…..It looks and feels quite Beautiful.  All Stones were collected, during a Gratitude ceremony while collecting them from the Beach.  A few strands of tobacco were laid down each time as a gift to Spirit (though your own Gratitude ceremony may be different from this, and that is fine).   Generally we use gloves.  We washed them with gentle eco-friendly dishsoap (this is important for reasons I’d rather not go into right now).   Another way is to wash them in the river.  This is an important step.  They were all Smudged with Cedar, Frankincense, and Sweetgrass.

Medicine Wheels are very Powerful, and the Love is sent out to / from Creator (Holy First Mother / Father / Child) to you, your family, friends, surrounding community, land and literally throughout the Earth. On a Spirit level, Protection Eagles, Doves of Peace, etc., will come and literally sit on and around the wheel from time to time and Bless the intention of the wheel, and Yes, Holy Grandmothers and Grandfathers do come and help and join in Prayer.

Once it is set up, it is best to leave it and let it work, but during its making / choosing its place, etc.  It is good not to be too concerned about “not doing it right”.  Ideally the wheel is placed on the ground flat somewhere.

Be happy in your Heart and have some fun with it.  You can put your Prayers go into the wheel gently and as you are making it.

The stones should be smooth ones, size your choice, but these ones were between 1 and 2 inches, with larger heart shaped stones being about 4-5 inches. Center Creator stone should be roundish if possible, and multi-colored, as well as 4 Main Directional stones.   If enough help, larger ones so the wind won’t blow them away.  For this one:

93 Stones in Total / Always Good to Request Permission from Creator first before collecting:

  • Multi-colored Round Creator Stone in Middle
  • Major Stones are Heart-shaped Stones collected from the Beach, but they can also be collected from the ground
  • 13N-13E-13S-13W – All 4 Lines from the 4 outside Heart Stones to 13th Middle Round Stone
  • Another possibility is 8 around from direction to direction; and 8 lines to the middle Creator stone; Hearts throughout
  • Olive Branch is good in the middle for Sign of Peace (or some rendition of that / your representation of that if you do not have an Olive Branch)
  • Fresh Cedar and Dried Rose Petals and Frankincense under main stones (Essences for Holy First Mother / Father / Child / Creator of All Creation)
  • All smudged frankincense, cedar and sweetgrass (or your Heart choice – but cedar and frankincense “clear”, and sweetgrass fills the void with goodness – Thank you my Lakota/Ashwinabwe/Objibwe friend Antelope for teaching me this); We also use frankincense and other tree resins for purification and clearing the space
  • Also there are 4 small groups of small smooth stones in shape of Heart in 4 center corners near the middle
  • North Direction of Color working with (if you plan to change color/direction), should point between True North and Magnetic North Colors – go with your Heart
  • Colors – go with your Heart.  These colors can change re directions over time as the wheel is for All Nations, depending on the wheel and the intention of the wheel. Currently Honoring The Lakota.  (If your family has different colors re directions and/or Local Council (or Labrador Council for you, Steph) – do as that which feels right for you) Prayer for the right answer we find always helps
  • Tobacco offering is best and ideal (or your Heart choice) under middle stone
  • After setting it up, we opened a Bible to Matthew 28 and asked The Holy Cross Family by whatever names they go by in the world, to Bless the Wheel – optional for you and what is good for you in your Heart).  For this one, we invited the Blessing of Wisdom Christ Sophia, Mary Magdalene and Jesus/Jesheua, Ionnes (John the Baptist) and Joseph of Arimathea

These colors will change re directions over time as the wheel is for all nations, depending on the who we are working with, and the specific intention of the wheel.

Thank you for respecting and Honoring Al Life, and Welcoming the Divine Wisdom of Our Ancestors

All Our Relations

Blessed Be


Love, She MMMMaaaaaaarieahhhhhh

and All The Blessed Children who Helped


Help protect British Columbia’s Coastal Waters

Help protect British Columbia’s coastal waters with the David Suzuki Foundation:

“Join Canadians across the country in calling for government leaders to establish a strong and diverse network of marine protected areas in the coastal waters of British Columbia…

…Few places have such an amazing abundance and diversity of marine life, including tide pools rich with life, underwater kelp forests, ancient glass sponge reefs, pods of killer whales and millions of migrating salmon. The Pacific Coast helps sustain people with food and provide a foundation for art, culture, and recreation inspired by the sea. It is a place where fish, and the people who catch them, have been part of this globally significant ecosystem for generations.

The ocean gives us so much. It’s time for us to give back by ensuring conservation of the incredible marine life we all enjoy. Please send your letter today to ensure our governments create safe havens for the rich diversity of life that make our Pacific Coast such a special place.”