Help protect British Columbia’s Coastal Waters

Help protect British Columbia’s coastal waters with the David Suzuki Foundation:

“Join Canadians across the country in calling for government leaders to establish a strong and diverse network of marine protected areas in the coastal waters of British Columbia…

…Few places have such an amazing abundance and diversity of marine life, including tide pools rich with life, underwater kelp forests, ancient glass sponge reefs, pods of killer whales and millions of migrating salmon. The Pacific Coast helps sustain people with food and provide a foundation for art, culture, and recreation inspired by the sea. It is a place where fish, and the people who catch them, have been part of this globally significant ecosystem for generations.

The ocean gives us so much. It’s time for us to give back by ensuring conservation of the incredible marine life we all enjoy. Please send your letter today to ensure our governments create safe havens for the rich diversity of life that make our Pacific Coast such a special place.”


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