Iceberg – Symbol of All that is Pure and Wild

Russian scientists have been following what is the world’s only known All White Male Orca, most recently found in the North Pacific, east of the Kamchatka Peninsula near the Commander Islands.  He is male and his name is Iceberg. “In many ways, Iceberg is a symbol of all that is pure, wild and extraordinarily exciting about what is out there in the ocean waiting to be discovered”; Erich Hoyd, Far East Russia Orca Project.

In the mid-1940’s there was an all white female named Alice who lived for about 10 years around Race Rocks, off the coast of Victoria in BC.   Here is a clip of the lighthouse keeper at Race Rocks, Kurt Cehak, who watched her.  Here he shares a piece of his wonderful story of Alice.  It must have been a real treat for him to be so close to her and enjoy her visits.

The project currently undergo is called  FEROP, the Far East Russia Orca Project.  Iceberg is 16 years old, has a 2 meter white dorsal fin and most recently, has been traveling with a pod of a dozen normal black and white orcas. The team have not yet determined whether Iceberg has pink eyes, which would indicate whether he is true albino, or simply, a Pure White Orca.

This article explains how these genetics are possible for Orca albinos:


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