Victoria, BC


• Professional Statement: Managing projects for international respondents who appreciate quality of life and healthy ecosystems

• Traits: Enthusiastic, clear-minded, creative, trustworthy, ethical, friendly, fun, and with substantial personal initiative

• Language Proficiency: Mother tongue is English, basic language skills of French, Spanish; ~Thai; ~Sign; and one Sencoten song

1. Scientifica; Math and Science Curriculum;, BC
2. Marine Ecosystem Based Management; David Suzuki Foundation, BC
3. Marine Mammal Monitoring; M3, BC
4. Executive Education; School of Business and Management; Royal Roads University, BC
5. International e-dialogue on Business and Climate Change; School of Business and Management; Royal Roads University, BC
6. Socio-Economic Assessment of offshore oil and gas development in BC; Science, Technology Division; RRU, BC
7. Judicial Dispute Resolution Competition; Peace Studies; RRU, BC
8. Echoes Case Study; Science, Technology and Environment Division; RRU
9. Economics, Geography; YORK University, ON
10. Water and Energy Curriculum Development Asian Institute of Technology; SERD, Bangkok, Thailand
11. Sustainable Energy Development; All Energy Sources; CNA, ON
12. Energy Education; Project Management; Symposiums; EENB
13. Land Use Planning and Development; ST Communications, NB


Scientifica; Victoria, BC (2007-2012)
• Curriculum Development; Elementary Math and Science;;
David Suzuki Foundation, Vancouver, BC (2005-2006)
• Conducted Marine Planning research of international initiatives of Marine EBM Ecosystem Based Management; particular reference to case studies of marine stewardship through application of MEBM
M3 Marine Mammal Monitoring (Volunteer) Victoria BC (2005)
• Monitored behavior of and communicated with Marine Mammal tour operators, delivering educational material to ensure safe passage and retrieval of food supply of the mammals;
• Recorded incidents of national guideline adherence for the public, Department of Fisheries and Oceans, and US Department of Fisheries and Wildlife;
• Recorded underwater sounds and songs of mammals for ongoing sonar research project
Royal Roads University, Science, Technology and Environment Division; School of Business and Management; Conflict and Disaster Management; Office of Research; Victoria BC (2001-4)
• Carried out a Socio-Economic assessment of offshore oil and gas development in BC for Science, Technology & Environment Division;
• Coordinated Research Competition on Judicial Dispute Resolution; Division of Peace and Conflict Studies
• Co-moderated a public forum Internet e-dialogue on Business and Climate Change with Dr. Stephen Long, Faculty Professor, School of Business and Management
• Developed a Case Study for graduate-level teaching on East Coast Fishery
• Assisted Dr. Ann Dale deliver a graduate course in Environmental Management

YORK University, Economics, Geography Departments, Toronto, ON (1992-95)
• Co-taught Economics and Geography courses including Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Geographical Quantitative Methods, and the Political economy of the Oil Industry
• Key duties included group and tutorial sessions, and grading examinations

Asian Institute of Technology, School of Environmental Resources and Development, Bangkok, Thailand (1994); Curriculum Development Writer
• Education program between the Canadian University Consortium and the Asian Institute of Technology
• Responsible for preparing curriculum for graduate level courses Water and Energy Management, and Traditional Knowledge Systems

Canadian Nuclear Association; Toronto, ON (1993); Assistant to Director of Information and Education
• Liaison between industry, schoolteachers and the general public
• Projects included organizing a teacher’s conference on sustainable energy development, a national tour promoting women’s involvement in science and engineering, and preparing public information documents on sustainable energy use

Energy Educators of New Brunswick; Project Management, Fredericton, NB (1989-1992); Acting Executive Director
• Successful in implementing a province-wide waste reduction campaign, developing innovative teaching tools for both elementary and secondary schools, fundraising, and organizing an annual symposium on current environmental concerns
• Responsible for the hiring and supervision of four employees

Susan Turner Communications; Fredericton, NB (1992); Executive Assistant
• Assisted in virtually all areas of ongoing contracts, including land use planning and development, environmental education and protection
• Independent in carrying out completion of ongoing contracts


• Masters in Environment (3yrs), International Sustainability: Water, Women and Education, York University, ON (1998)
• Honors Bachelor of Arts (First Class Honors with Academic Distinction), Economics and Business Administration; St. Thomas University / University of New Brunswick, NB (1992)
• Certificate in Project Management; Bates Project Management, ON (1993)
• Certificate of TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages), Vancouver Island, BC (November, 2000)

Interests: Dance, music, good water, healthy ecosystems for mammals, foreign languages and travel
Travel: (mostly carried out independently): Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico; Canada (East to West), US (Maine, New York, Puerto Rico, Washington, Washington, DC, and Hawaii)

Dr. Mary Bernard; Dr. Stephen Long, Dr. Tony Boydell; Royal Roads University (250) 391-2600; mary.bernard(at);
stephen.long(at); tony.boydell(at)
Roxanne Summers; NRC, U.S. Government; roxsummers(at)
Ms. Angela Birdsell; Canada Council of the Arts, ON 1-800-263-5588 Ext.5248; mansell(at)
Mr. Jay Ritchlin; Director, Marine and Freshwater Conservation; David Suzuki Foundation; jritchlin(at)

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