She’s Easter Vigil Blessing

She’s Easter Vigil Blessing

Starting with The Beautiful Hymn of God as Divine Mother:

Here are the steps for Prayer Ties for Home Blessings, should you wish to participate in this Blessing of Gratitude and Peace Ceremony:

If you feel good in your Heart with it, ask for / find some good loose leaf Tobacco, place in a Favorite Bowl with Cold Pressed Organic Olive Oil, and rub that into ribbons (Silk absorbs very well, Humane Silk if possible (harvested), and / or 4 and 8 inch squares of Organic Cotton, or whatever is available in your material closet or old clothes closet.   After they have been oiled with your favorite oils (We use Frankincense, Rose Absolute, Fir Needle, Neroli and Ylang Ylang).  Add a bit of Sea Salt (from The Holy Ocean).  Add favorite Flower petals.  Mix into the Bowl, all of it, ask a Priest if She / He would Bless all of it for you.  Also if available, bring sap resin (Frankincense, or another Holy Tree – There are 9 Sacred Woods for the Gaelic Tribes – Irish, English, etc.).

It is not recommended that you “Bless” it yourself unless you know in your Heart you are a Priest yourself, and even if you are a Priest, it is ALWAYS better to ask another Priest to Bless it for you. Donations are of what you wish to give are always welcome to True Priests, though never required, whether it be food, items, services, or yes, even money.  Whatever you wish to offer from your own Heart.  Ask Your / The First Holy Mother (and/or  First Holy Father if that feels good for you in your Heart) of All of Creation to please Bless your Prayer Ties and Your Home and Neighborhoods for you.

All children must be asked.  Especially children.  Well, yah okay we are all children, but especially the little children.

Rub it on the chakras of your body – including perineum – forehead, crown (yes, into the hair), backs and fronts of hands and feet.  Always say Thank you for The Blessing.

The Tobacco is the Blessing for the Indigenous Peoples.  We have used Cuban Tobacco for the African and African / American Peoples, as well as West Virginia for the Virgin Mary and the North American Indigenous Peoples.  If you have a favorite nation / country, you could ask for some to be sent to you to include them in The Blessing.  By doing this, you both ask for Blessing of these Peoples, Forgiveness if needed by anyone, and you also give them a Blessing, should anyone wish / want for that, from The HOly in your family lineages.

We tore 8 and 4 inch squares of fabric in All Colors of the Rainbow including White and Black, smudged them with lit Frankincense or Sap from a Holy Tree, and then rubbed the oil mixture into them, added the tobacco, tied each square with a favorite color, string/yarn/thread/whatever you have available.  Then wrapped them all in Sunny Yellow (colors always up to you and your heart).

We hung them after they were Blessed at the Entrance ways of all doors of your Homes.  Oil Soaked ribbons/string or yarn of your favorite color (Yellow always for us) are placed hung on the mirrors and computer screens especially, and/or chrome mirrored surfaces in your home such as faucets.

The remaining Prayer Ties are put on wooden skewers or sticks / fallen branches (old chopsticks are good) are put into the ground at the 8 directions of your property lines and/or outside the perimeter of your home ) and workplace if possible, though if you are offering this Blessing to your workplace, always better to ask the property owner and/or your boss if you have one.  ALWAYS better to ask.  Remember everyone has an ego that can be erupted for any number of old reasons.  Asking gives honor and respect for walking the human journey.

Okay, so N/S/W/E/NE/NW/etc.etc.etc……as well as, entrance ways of driveway and/or walk ways.  If there is a stop sign or 4 way stop near your home, that is also a good place to post prayer ties.  If you wish to, you can even ask Town or City Council for permission, and explain what you are doing.

If cutting fresh branches for posts for Prayer Ties, always ask the Holy Tree and/or Your Holy Guardian first for permission.  Kneeling always helps as it shows respect, when asking, or be as humble as you can muster when asking.  Though most likely you have old chopsticks around or can gather branches that have already fallen.

Anyone wishing to offer me a donation for this Easter Vigil Gift is welcome to email me their mailing address and I will send you further instructions.

Blow a Kiss with the Holy Breath your Favorite Color Hearts onto all of it and blow the Words Love and Gratitude to and for All Life Everywhere into all of it.

Feel Free to Pass this Easter Blessing forward to all friends, neighbors and coworkers.

Photos later.

Love you




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