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Oceans: Into The Blue

Human Planet is an 8-part British television documentary series, produced by the BBC Local, Discovery and BBC Worldwide.  Focused on telling a story of our relationship with the natural world, this series shows the most extraordinary ways we, as human beings, have adapted to life in every environment on Earth.

Part 1 is entitled “Oceans:  Into The Blue”…and is a truly wonderful journey of the human relationship with the Oceans of Earth.


World’s Oceans Day

Today, June 8th, is World’s Oceans Day – designated in 2008 by The United Nations.

Thank you to all who have cared for, and Thank you to all who care for our World’s Oceans!

If you want celebration ideas, or want to know if anything is going on in your area, here is a link for events:





She’s Easter Vigil Blessing

She’s Easter Vigil Blessing

Starting with The Beautiful Hymn of God as Divine Mother:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZ0h1sb1IFI&feature=related

Here are the steps for Prayer Ties for Home Blessings, should you wish to participate in this Blessing of Gratitude and Peace Ceremony:

If you feel good in your Heart with it, ask for / find some good loose leaf Tobacco, place in a Favorite Bowl with Cold Pressed Organic Olive Oil, and rub that into ribbons (Silk absorbs very well, Humane Silk if possible (harvested), and / or 4 and 8 inch squares of Organic Cotton, or whatever is available in your material closet or Continue reading She’s Easter Vigil Blessing

Gentle Ocean Wave Sounds for Gooood Thoughts and Rest

Of course, being by the calm oceans, and hearing the sounds of the beautiful soft waves are some of my favorite calming sounds (in addition to soft flute and acoustic guitar), We looked for a long time for music on a CD or mp3 that was only Ocean Waves (no birds chirping or mammals singing – even though those are beautiful too).  We looked for plain beautiful ocean wave sounds.  Recently found 3 with Kelly Howell and Brainsync – One with Alpha Brainwaves for calm, gentle, fun creativity, Two for Theta Waves meditation; and Three with Delta Brainwaves for gooood sleep.  Here are the links for all 3.

Alpha Waves Creativity:


Theta Waves Meditation:


Delta Waves Gooood Sleep


And Oh My Goddess, Goodness, here is a link for all the Colors of the Rainbow for Headphones for the Binaural Beats!






Love, SheLaaaa



The Medicine Blessing

…Thank you for the Blessing of the Best Happy Medicine – The One that is Best for each of us and all of us, and our Overall Well Being – whatever that is – whether it be a piece of art, a vibration, a color, a hug, an essence, a message, a sound, a song, a flower, a feeling,  or a hummingbird –  and for the connection with and the reception of that medicine at any time and at all times – in whatever form that is best according to my Pure Spirit, that which is LOVE.  Blessed Be.  It is so. Amen.

Love, She