“…Ms. Hynes possesses several rare qualities: a lively yet profound intelligence, a strong but flexible personality, and an impressive ability to communicate both verbally and in writing.  Her initiative, courage and ability to work amply demonstrate those qualities most valuable in the professional and business world.  She has an outstanding ability to think clearly and write effectively.”

Roxanne Summers; NRC, U.S. Government

…“Sheila coordinated an International Internet e-dialogue for Royal Roads University on Business and Climate Change.  She has an excellent ability of bridging the worlds of business and sustainability, and has proven to be a great asset of creativity and thought-provoking intelligence.  She sees the mechanism of what causes a project to be successful, and maneuvers it in a way that maximizes productivity.”

Stephen Long, Professor, Faculty of Management, Royal Roads University

“…Sheila commands a great deal of creativity, initiative and crisis management skills.  She shows that there is little substitute for professionalism, experiencing tremendous success in all her projects.” Angela Birdsell, Canada Council for the Arts

“We need leadership themes/strategies/activities that will influence populations and individuals to embrace sustainability. Sheila clearly provides this.” Local Business Owner, BC

…”There is a great need for specialists in Curriculum Development for international markets. In reality, there are few who can demonstrate Sheila’s abilities for content expertise – to recognize the problem, research possible solutions and apply high level interpersonal skills to bring about the desired outcome.” University Professor, BC

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