Welcome to The Water.ca

Water is life’s Mater, Matrix, Mother and Medium. With water, there is Life;…

(Albert Szent Gyorgi, 1937 Nobel Peace Prize winner)

Water is our business signature as it represents strength, fluidity, abundance and wisdom. Home-based out of beautiful Victoria, BC, our projects are diverse and cross-disciplined in their focus, Technical Editing and Writing in near all areas of academia and public discourse.

We have 3 Key Areas of Expertise:

1.     Business Leadership

2.     Science Technology

3.     Curriculum Development

For Professional Editing and Writing services, our International customers reach us from near and afar. Our customers include government agencies, companies, and academic faculty.   Our 20+ years curriculum experience is cross-disciplined: Business and Leadership, Science, Energy Technology, Sustainability, Economics, English Language and Education.  Clientele have included the Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand); Royal Roads University, BC; David Suzuki Organization; York University, ON; and the Energy Educators of NB.

Sheila M. Hynes, owner and Proprietor, holds a Masters Degree in International Sustainability; and an Honors BA in Economics, having achieved First Class Honors with Academic Distinction.  We look forward to reaching our goals Together.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Water.ca

  1. this is a nice site She, I was thinking of doing something similar instead of facebook but just like I did not know you had this how would people ever view as casually as facebook provides?

    1. Hey Tamara. We enjoyed making it. Thank you, Lady. People view as time goes on, once links are developed, and good relations are created. This one is wordpress, which is fairly straight forward for a non-techie, once you have run through the tutorial. And it is fairly self-sustainable too, as in you can change / put up your own info and photos without having outside tech support, as html is not really required, other than a basic spec for a photo. Love ya, She


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